Guidance and Mentorship

The definition of mentorship: The act or process of helping and guiding another person to support their personal development.  A mentor is a person who can support, advise and guide you. They typically take the time to get to know you and the challenges you’re facing and then use their understanding and personal experience to help you improve.

This relationship is additional to any role such as manager or boss and benefits from a more personal and confidential structure. Mentors have the potential to become lifelong friends, or the relationship might only last until you’ve achieved a goal, there’s no one size fits all.

Do you have a clear vision of what your internal compass and true north are pointing to? Do you feel as though you have hit a sticking point which you are looking for impartial, unbiased and honest support for?

I have over 20 years experience fulfilling this role as an educator and mentor both in formal supervision of a cadre of professionals but also in the guidance through challenges which are personal, career oriented and navigation of terrain that is ever evolving.  I am an active listener who doesn’t have all the answers, but can help to clarify the obscurity of issues, roadblocks or overthinking caused by stymied energy. By that, I mean the bogging down of movement, motivation or uncertainty.

Mentoring and guidance can help to resolve ethical or professional dilemmas, can  stimulate your potential, and allow you to maintain your integrity and support you in your work and personal life balance.

You are your best expert. I can walk with you to help you find the answers through supporting and working with you .

Sessions are online and available in 30 and 60 minute increments.

30 minutes is $55 CAD

60 minutes is $88  CAD

Multiple session packages are available upon request.

                **All fees are payable through e-transfer, paypal or cash.