Astrological Readings

WELCOME stargazer and human of infinite potential!!

As I live literally in the land of the living skies, this applies to all of us at all times of day and night beyond the fact that we have such amazing life and space.  As a passionate and budding astrologer, I have noticed we do not take the time to explore how the sky is living beyond our immediate view. The stars, planets and astral objects govern the cycles of our planet and beings. Do you take the time to star gaze at night time? Are you curious about what is happening out there? Did you know as humans, we are participating in a huge cosmic dance that has a resonance and harmonic our bodies can feel? Have you explored your natal blueprint to learn about who you are cosmically and as a human in this time and place? I can walk you through this cosmic blueprint to bring awareness to your soul’s dance and the natal vibration embedded. Ask me how we can work together!

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Astrology brings deep insight & understanding of:

⇨Whom your natal blueprint indicates you are energetically & how your evolution is unfolding

⇨How to navigate current & repeating key experiences and cycles we all experience throughout our lifetime

⇨Synastery (relationships)

I have been a lover of the sky and stars since I can remember.  I have been studying astrology for the last five years in earnest. I have studied with masters such as Rick Levine, Chris Brennan, Demetra George, Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppack, Kiera Sutherland and Judith Hill. I continue to study as this is an infinite subject.

My  experience, in truth, is astrology can assist us in decoding puzzles and events with clarity, some understanding and offering some guidance on the way forward. I have been able to understand the how and why of my life, the turns and twists that occurred; in life we are all experiencing cycles. The planets are moving in cycles indefinitely. The only constant is change. We are not meant to be at the mercy of the universe. It is working with us, not against us. We can reach into the natal blueprint of your birth to determine what key themes are and what will be part of the upcoming cycles.