Reflections of support

I truly have been privileged to work with so many people; I take every session with gratitude and humble awe.  I endeavour to honour and hold the utmost of space for every person who entrusts their care and support to me.  I dedicate my entire learning and full intuition with total capacity available to offering what is asked of me.  I share these reflections of those I have helped to offer insight into the sharing of the work I have completed. I do this with utmost humility acknowledging I am an instrument of the universe through which others seek to bring into alignment whatever is needing attention in the moment.       Gratefully always, Gen

Mentorship and Guidance - Karrie

Gen’s gifts never cease to amaze me and often leave me at a loss for words. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to call her a colleague, friend and a mentor. She has provided support and guidance navigating various personal relationships, my career path and my own personal growth. Her intuition and passion to continue to hone her gifts make her a truly remarkable individual who makes you feel so at ease in her presence.

House Clearings - Michelle Butler

Gen’s gifts have played a special role in multiple areas of my life. I’d be going through a rough patch relationally and was seeking desperately all of the resources and healing tools that called to me. I don’t even recall how we reconnected but she offered to do a clearing at my home. There were multiple spiritual tools she pulled out of her magic bag; some I had never encountered. After she left, I could immediately feel the shift that had taken place. My home felt lighter and more pleasant. The energy improved so significantly that even my husband noticed. Gen’s work contributed a puzzle piece into my healing at the time and I will forever be grateful.
I’m a real estate agent and I had a client who had a great property for sale. It was well priced and we were getting viewings but no offers. We were both puzzled after about 3-4 months on the market as we tried to figure out how to improve the listing. I remembered the home cleaning she did for me and wondered if this was something that could improve the energy in another home, in a different situation. I asked Gen if she was available for that kind of work and she obliged. She connected with my client and arranged to do a clearing one morning before we had a showing scheduled; well we received a good offer about three hours after the showing that day. We were blown away but since I had a previous experience with Gen’s clearing, I was also not surprised. Thank you Gen!